Daily Trips
  • Daily Service Between Medicine Hat & Calgary.
  • Note: Shuttles do not run Christmas Day.
Pickups and Drop Offs Along The Way
  • We offer pickup and drop offs at the following cities along the way from Medicine Hat to Calgary.
  • Suffield, Ralston, Brooks, Bassano, and Strathmore.
Comfortable Luxury Ride

We offer our passengers a comfortable ride in a Mercedes or a Ford transit. All our vans are heated and air conditioned front and back, and there is plenty of cargo space for your luggage.

Sit back and relax and leave the driving to us.

I want to book and pay on line but I want to redeem my half price ride. What do I do?
  • Once the booking team confirms availability with you, simply let them know you are on your half price ride. You will pay half price.
  • Note: If you do not have the card with you at time of pick up be prepared to pay the rest of the fare.
Do you have WiFi?

Yes we do – HOWEVER – Please note WiFi is not guaranteed to be available on all Prairie Sprinter vehicles. Prairie Sprinter does our best to provide this service for our daily shuttle passengers but we cannot guarantee WiFi availability at any time. WiFi is provided as a courtesy to passengers. Please limit your internet use to surfing the web, sending emails, etc. Downloading and streaming movies causes the WIFI to be extremely slow. PLEASE download movies at home to ensure you are able to watch a movie without interruption.

I am traveling with my child and do not need my car seat where we are going. Do I have to bring it along?

Prairie Sprinter is unable to provide car seats or booster seats. Any required car seat must be supplied and installed by the passenger. We would be happy to bring it back with us for you to collect when you return.

Can I travel with my pet?

Prairie Sprinter may permit small animals to travel with an accompanying passenger on our daily shuttle service. Please see the terms and conditions page for entire policy related to this travel request.

Can I bring my bicycle?

As long as we know ahead of time this usually is not a problem.

How much luggage can I bring?

We ask you to limit your luggage to two pieces each. If you have extra please let us know ahead of time.

How can I pay?

You can book anytime online or call to book over the phone with one of our booking agents. Payment is required at time of booking – we accept Visa and Mastercard.

Is there a bathroom break scheduled on the journey?

Yes. Passengers can expect a short bathroom break, a few minutes to stretch their legs, and time to get a coffee in Brooks when travelling in either direction.

Why don’t you stop half way in Bassano for a break instead?

We are asked this all the time! Although Bassano is the halfway point between Medicine Hat and Calgary we have chosen to make Brooks the break stop for a few reasons. More often than not we have passengers that are starting or ending their journey in Brooks so we have to stop here anyway. There are fewer amenities in Bassano and passengers have a greater selection of refreshments at Tim Horton’s or Wendy’s in Brooks. Of course, to pull off the highway a second time adds more time to the journey and if we can avoid it (unless there is a pickup or drop-off needed in Bassano) then all passengers get to their final destination faster.

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