Shuttle Etiquette

Shuttle Etiquette

A smile, courtesy and good manners go a long way to make every trip a pleasant journey. Prairie Sprinter would like to share some friendly tips to keep in mind on your next trip with us.

We have a Loyalty Card Program. Please make sure your driver gives you one and / or you get yours punched. We do not give out makeup punches. Your 6th ride is half price with the loyalty card. Punches are only given on the daily shuttle service. Half price rides are only permitted on the daily shuttle service.

1. Personal Cell Phone Usage and Talking - Please Keep Your Voice Down.
Please keep your ringer and text messaging sounds off and remember that if you do need to take that important phone call, please keep your voice at a reasonable level.

2. iPods, Laptops and Games - Please Wear Earphones
You may not realize it but other people may be able to hear your music and games through your earphones. Please keep the volume down.

3. Food and Beverages - Be Neat and Careful
We ask that you please be careful not to spill your drinks.Please take all garbage with you when you leave us.

4. Perfumes and Colognes - Be Mindful
When you travel with us, please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne as other passengers may be sensitive and even allergic to certain scents.

5. Please Wear Your Seatbelt. It's the Law.

6. WIFI is provided for the passengers.
As a courtesy to all passengers please limit your internet use to surfiing the web, sending emails, etc. Downloading and streaming movies causes the WIFI to be slow. PLEASE download movies at home to ensure you are able to watch a movie without interruption. NOTE: Prairie Sprinter cannot guarantee WiFi service to be available at any time. Prairie Sprinter takes no responsibility for disruption to or no availability to WiFi due to technical difficulites or circumstances beyond our control.

7. Pets/ Animal Travel
If you have been permitted to travel with an animal, as the accompanying passenger you are solely responsible for the care of the animal while traveling with Prairie Sprinter. Please be courteous of all others traveling on the journey- keep your animal calm and content. See terms and conditions for full pet travel policy.

Travelling is a great way to make new friends, so let's do our best to help each other feel comfortable along the way.

Tipping your driver is never expected but always appreciated.